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Trains, Planes and Automobiles (well bus actually...)

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OK. We've arrived in LA. We've stayed overnight in a hotel at Los Angeles airport, LAX, with a view watching all the aircraft coming into land!!

The trip started at about 0100hrs whan Ann, bless her, stayed up to take us into York to catch the Trans Pennine Express....

The conductor let all those travelling to the Airport move into first class... It was the most comfortable bit of the trip!!

Manchester airport was fun watching some woman frantically strip 8 kilos of stuff out of her bag so she could make the weight for the plane. She'd actually called her mate out from Manchester, to come in with an empty bag to take it away... I didn't see a kitchen sink, but everything else was there..

The security though was raving mad... Typical luck, I had to go through the body scanner... Could have sworn I heard laughing!!

Flight to New York was fine, they just kept feeding us... Felt like Homer Simpson already... The view though flying into Newark was ace... It took in the whole Manhatten skyline with the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty...

After yet more raving mad security we were through to departures. A 2 hour stopover meant we had time for coffee and Dunkin Doughnuts (Lardy asses here we come...) and then onto the plane. Both flights had us originally sitting apart, but a bit of shuffling around and we managed to get to sit together... Lucky Siobhan, gets to hear my snoring close up!! Yet more food and in flight movies and we eventually landed at LAX. 1840hrs local time which was 0240hrs York time... Courtesy bus from the airport to the hotel where originally they had us sharing a double bed!! Siobhan was not happy! Managed to get them to change the room. Really good room, great comfy beds and fantastic flat screen TV. Woke though at 0300hrs local and just couldn't get back to sleep.

Watched a car chase though this morning 'live from downtown LA!!' and am now sat waiting for Siobhan to sort her life out before we go and eat and check out when we can pick the 'van' up.. Hope to blog later with some pics..

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Tickets in hand... All ready to go...

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Picked up the tickets today. Feels real now. Looking forward to finishing work on Friday, packing the bags on Saturday and then starting the road trip at midnight on Saturday.... C'mon...

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Official 'Tour' T-shirts

The Gump Tour 2010

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I know its sad, but hey humour me... I've had the official tour t-shirts printed. Not to be seen until the first pic at Santa Monica pier 2 weeks today...

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The Van!!!

Cruise America's C30 RV

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'Road Trip USA' and 'Roadtripping USA'

Travel Guides

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OK, so I've had these books 'Road Trip USA' and 'Roadtripping USA' for some time now. Both have pre-defined 'Road Trips' generally going North to South or East to West. We'll take in a bit of both....

Both books have really good information about where to go, what to see etc. (I'd hate to be driving along not knowing that a couple of miles off the track there was something great to do or see and I didn't know about it).

Siobhan is keen that we just point the van and see where it takes us... Going by her sense of direction it'd be Mexico or Canada!!

One of the good things they have suggested is to get hold of National Parks pass for the van before we go.... A lot less expensive... Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park are definites... I'm sure there will be others.

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